Cristo de Esquipulas

Sometime around the year 1810, a friar from Cimayo was doing his penances when he looked over the hill and saw a bright light coming forth. He began to dig and while he was digging, he found a crucifix which is known as the miraculous crucifix of our Lord of Esquipulas. A priest took the crucifix to Santa Cruz, but it would always disappear. This happened for three times and each time the crucifix ended back in its original hole. By that time, the people realized that the crucifix should remain in Chimayo. There, they built a small chapel and suddenly healings began to take place. There were so many healings that the chapel wasn't big enough and a larger one had to be built in its place. This chapel became known as the "Lourdes of America" because of all the miracles. The crucifix still sits on the chapel altar; however, the sand pit that sits behind the altar is also known to have miraculous healings occur. The Christ of Esquipulas is a picture of Jesus Crucified revered by millions of faithful in Central America that is in the Basilica of Esquipulas.  Known as the Black Christ because over 400 years of worship, it was a wood carving which has acquired a darker hue. It is also known as the Miraculous Crucifix. Over 300.00 people visit there every year!


El Cristo Negro de Esquipulas es una imagen de Jesús Crucificado venerada por millones de fieles de Centroamérica que se encuentra en la Basílica de Esquipulas en la ciudad del mismo nombre en Guatemala , distante a 222 km de la Ciudad de Guatemala.