Funeral Liturgy

My friend in Christ,

     My sincere prayers are with you at this time of sorrow in your life. When one who has been a part of the "fabric of our lives" is taken from us, there can be great emptiness and sorrow. "By an openness to the grace of the Lord, we are able to cope with these times".

     We at Saint Joseph would like to offer our assistance in the planning of the Mass of Christian Burial for your beloved deceased. Our intention is to help you create a personal touch to a family liturgy by your active participation. This booklet offers you the choice of the "recommended readings" issued by Rome for the Liturgy of Christian Burial. We ask you to choose:

     One from the Old Testament and One from the New Testament. It is also recommended that you appoint readers for these readings, also, a reader for the Petitions (one person may do all three if necessary). To encourage more family involvement, we need two people to bring the bread and wine to the altar at the Offertory.

     Our Music Ministry team: Mrs. Lisa Gallagher, organist or Miss Debbie Cowman, cantor, will contact the family. She will sit down and work with one person (the contact person) designated by the family. She will assist you in making the selections for readings and music.

     Recommended hymns are provided in the link below. We will need: an Entrance Hymn, Offertory Hymn, a Communion Hymn and Recessional Hymn. A Meditation Hymn is optional and can be replaced by Words of Remembrance (eulogy). The reflection can only be about 3-4 minutes and should speak about the "faith commitment", your loved one's  Christian way of life and can be done 5 minutes prior to the liturgy.  Other personal memories and comments should be spoken at the viewing or luncheon.

     I pray that all who participate in this Celebration of Faith wil be open to the grace of the Lord in their lives and leave this Mass of Christian Burial renewed in the Love of Jesus Christ.

Click on the link below to download funeral packet. 


Click on link for Form for Funeral Liturgy.